Yakushin Jo, founder& CEO of ASAHIKOUSHIN, was amongst the pioneer scholars of Industrial Design in China. He was the youngest Dean of the Industrial Design Department in Luxun Academy of Fine Arts  ,  the top 5 Arts University of China. After 4 years of excellent working performance , he was sponsored by the national government to go to Japan for further research on Industrial Design .  He then got his Ph.D  . degree in Chiba University Japan and was invited to stay as visiting lecturer by the university.

Yakushin Jo set up his own business in 1993  . He is talented in self-design products , by which he achieved great business success in a short time .  He then diversified his business back to China , where he established the timber processing factory in 2001 and WPC factory in 2005 . Besides, he is also a successful commercial real estate developer, car retailer and educational investor.

He himself, by his in-depth knowledge of China and Japan, is making continuous efforts to facilitate the Sino-Japan economic communications.