100% Japan Imported Plastic Raw Materials

Besides strictly following the original formular mixture of Japan invented WPC technology, AKS is fastidious in safety of plastic raw materials as well. 
As introduced  ,   the Wood plastic composite is 100% recycled using of wood and plastic wastes  .   Poor quality plastic raw materials will be risky to all end-users  .   By mass development of Chinese economies in recently years  ,   the extreme concentrate on economic benefits leads to serious problems in potential risks of recycled product quality. Toxic medical wastes, metal wastes and other risky wastes, which are strictly prohibited from recycling in developed countries, are directly used without classified from normal wastes. We noticed there was even metal wastes found in WPC boards, which happened to another chinese factory. 
With this consideration, AKS insists importing all plastic raw materials from Japan . This is from trusts in Japan’s most excellent Wastes Classification system in the world.