Purely Japan Invented Wood-Plastic Composite Technology


AKS WPC technology was purely originated from Japan, by acquiring its china production base of the earliest Japanese WPC inventor in 2005.


The wood-based recycled technology was first introduced to improve performance of interior building materials in 1993. The main component of the new material is the scrap generated by sawing and machining lumber. It retains the look and feel of natural wood, but is more weathering resistant and not easy to get warped, twist or shrink.


In pursuit of full recycling of building materials, the Japanese pioneer successfully developed 100% recycled materials using wood and plastic wastes. The upgraded wood
plastic composite can be widely applied as outdoor decking, railing,gate, fence and many other structures, which require extremely excellent weathering abilities.


Since 2002, Japan government granted the technology with many national level rewards to recognize its environment friendly contribution. 


  AKS  has been optimizing the original formula mixture to meet global market standards.